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For complaints call TTD vigilance @ 18004254141,For Complaints, you can call  'Dail your EO' On First Friday of every month  @ 0877-2263621
 In Sarva darshan  people can enter at Vaikuntum Q complex (VQC) directly without any biometric token etc. Sarvadarsanam means 'darshan for all'.They can enter directly. They are allowed to stay in compartments for some time. This time depands on the rush on that day. It may take oneday also on any special day. In Sarva darshan pilgrims are allowed for darshan at  free of cost.

                           The timings for Sarva darshan are different on different days of the week. On normal days, about 18 hours are alloted for Sarvadarsanam and on peak days, it is open for 20 hours.

                            Around 50,000 pilgrims visit the main temple every day.

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