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For complaints call TTD vigilance @ 18004254141,For Complaints, you can call  'Dail your EO' On First Friday of every month  @ 0877-2263621
Note: This information is provided by TTD                   

                     DAILY SEVAS AT TIRUMALA


                   The Suprabatham, prapatti and mangalasasanam are recited and a decendent of Tallapaka Annamacharya sings a few hymns of the saint-poet,Devotees present at the time of Suprabatham can have the Suprabtham Darshan, also called Visvarupa Darshanam.


               This seva or ritual involves the decoration of the Lord with flowers .Thomala is the shortened form of the Tamil Expression. ‘Thodutha malai’- adorning the Lord with flowers. The flower garlands in Yamunathurai are brought by the periya Jiyar as per custom or his Ekangi in the temple with a lighted torch in a procession to the accompaniment of the beat of the Jeghanta.

                           The deity is then adorned with the flowers while the mantra pushpam is recited in the sayanamandapam.


                    During the archana, also called Sahsranam Archana, the Lord is worshipped by reciting his one thousand sacred names.


                       Kalyanotsavam is also known as Vaivahikotsavam. It is conducted in the kalyanamandapa and its rituals are similar to those followed traditionally in Hindu marriages.The utsavamurthi of the Lord Malayappa Swamy is the bridegroom and His consorts (nachimars) viz. Sridevi and Bhudevi are the brides. An imaginary family pedigree of the brides and bridegroom is recited during the course of the ritual.The idols of the bridegroom and brides face each other with a screen in between. They are allowed to see each other only at the appropriate auspicious moment when the screen in removed. The priests’ peform homas. A purohit conducts the marriage and an archaka is consecrated to perform other rituals on the behalf of the bridegroom.


                Brahmotsavam is performed for one day in an abridged manner Vaibhavotsava mandapam opp to Swamy Pushkarani. Sri Malayappaswami with his two consorts is worshipped with Vedic mantras and rituals and mounted on three vahanams-golden Pedda Seshavahanam,silver Garuda vahanam and silver Hanumantha vahanam.


                             Sri Malayappa swamy, Sridevi and Bhudevi are seated in an Unjal(swing) in the Aina Mahal(Mirror hall) and swung to the accompaniment of Vedaparayanam and Mangalavadyam.


                            This seva is performed in the unjal mandapam outside the Srivari temple. The beautifully decorated mandapam will be aglow with thousands of lamps. The Lord is seated on an Unjal which is rocked gently to the accompaniment of a clarinet orchestra.


                        Vasathosavam is a festival of color. These periodical festival, celebrated in the spring season is performed in a abridged manner daily in vaibhavotsava mandapam .


                      Ekantha seva or panupu seva darshanam is conducted when the Lord is put to sleep. Tarigonda Vengamabbas harathi (in a plate inlaid with one of the dasavasthrams on each day with pearls.) is offered.


As prasadams the grihasthas are given a spoon full each of the milk and a few pieces of cashew nut. Bhoga Srinivasa murthy, the small silver image of the Lord is put to sleep in a cot hung from the roof by 4 chains in the Artha mandapam (Ante chamber). During Ekanta seva a descendent of Annamacharya singes Lullabies to put the Lord to sleep.Bhoga Srinivasa sleeps in a cot for 11 months in a year  and in the 12th month danurmasa Sri krishna occupies the cot.  

                  WEEKLY SEVAS AT TIRUMALA        


                         This seva was first introduced in Srivari temple on April 8 th 1991. This seva takes place on every Monday morning. Sri Malayyapa Swamy and his consorts are taken to Kalyana mandapam and worship is offered to them with homas and tirrumanjanam as per Vaikhanasa Agama.



                      The ritual is performed on very Tuesday after second archana. This seva, instituted in 1984 commemorating the golden jubilee celebrations of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam,features archana to the Lord with 108 golden lotus.


               Every Wednesday before Sarvadarshanam, sahasrakalasabishekam is performed for Bogha Srinivasa with water from 1008 small silver vessels.


                 This seva is performed to the Lord on very Thursday. This worship consists of cooking a large quantity of rice as pulihora and offering it to the Lord  along with the other sweet preparations such as payasam, laddu, gilebi ,thenthola , appam etc. The cooked food is arranged in a pyramidal trapezoid shaped with coconuts, flowers, sandal paste, kumkum etc and is offered to the Lord with appropriate mantras.


                  Abhisekam to the Lord is performed in the early morning every Friday. Camphor, saffron and milk are used for giving a sacred bath to the Lord.After chanting of the Vedic mantras and prabandam , abhishekam is performed to the gold image Sri lakshmi which hangs in a gold chain in a chest amidst  the chanting of Sri suktam.The lord is then dressed in a pithamabaram and adorned with valuable ornaments.


                        Every Friday after abhishekam devotees are allowed for nija pada darshanam. They can worship the Lords Holy feet without any frills during this darshan. The Lords feet will be decorated with ornaments on other occasions.

                       PERIODICAL SEVAS AT TIRUMALA


                             This was instituted by saluva Narshima in the 16 th centuary. The festival is celebrated for 5 days. On the first day, Lord Krishna in the navaneeta nritya pose is worshipped.

On the second day Sri Rama is seated on the float and offered the worship. On third to fifth day malayyapa swamy along with Sridevi and Bhudevi is worshpped. The utsava deities are daily decorated and taken in position in the pushkarani on a beautifully decorated float.


                 It is a 3 day festival conducted at Tirumala on tryodasi, chathurdasi and purnami in the month of chaitra. On all the days Sri malayappa swamy and his consorts are taken round in position and brought to the vaibovotsava mandapam, where abhishekam is performed. On the 3rd day Sri Rama with Sita, Lakshmana and Anjeneya and Sri Krishna with Rukimini are also  taken out in position and brought to the vaibotsava  mandapam.  


                               This festival instituted in 1992, occurs on vaishaka sudda dasami. It is celebrated for 3 days .on the day evening Sri venkateswara and his consorts are taken out in position and brought to Narayan giri gardens were worship is offered to them.

2 nd day the position of the Lord will be on Aswa vahana. The parinaya utsvam is conducted on all the 3 days culminated with special poojas to the Lord and goddesses on Vaishaka Sudda Ekadasi amidst chanting of Veda mantras and vadya gosha. ABHIDHEYAKA ABHISHEKAM

                    The rituals, also called jyeshtabhisekam are performed in the month of jyeshta for 3 days. This is held in the kalyanamanadapam in a solemn manner.

                    The festival is meant for proper protection and preservation of the utsava idols through various pujas and mantras. On the first day the golden kavacha of the Lord is removed and abhishekam and snapana tiruamanjanam are perfomed .Later, the Lord is adorned with diamond kavacha. On the second day, he is adoned with pearl studded kavacha and taken out in procession. On the third day Malayappa swamy is decorated with golden kavacha after tirumanajanam.


                     This is essentially a purificatory ceremony,aimed at expiating the sins of omission and commission arising in the daily worship and other relions rited performed in the temple. This function is elaborately conducted in the month of August every year.

                    This seva is performed on Anivara Asthanam day in the month of july every year. After the usual rituals associated with Anivari Asthanam, held on the first day of summer solstice (Dakshinayanapunyakalam) at the end of Ani month,Sri Malayappa Swamy along with Sridevi and Bhudevi is taken out in procession on a palanquin bedecked with flowers.


                    This ritual is performed in the month of Kartika. The function originally started in the 15th Centaury, was revived in 1980 by the Devasthanams. On this occasion, Sri Malayappa Swamy along with his consorts are brought to kalyanamandapam after 2 archanas and 2 nivedanas and the deities are offered Tirumanajanam. Later in the afternoon worship is offered to the Lord with different kinds of flowers. Later, pushparchana is done. It takes place 20 times. Afterwards , harati is offered.


                   Koil Alwar Tirumanjanam is a purificatory ceremony that takes place in the temple incluisnd sanctum sanctorum. It is performed four times a year-before Ugadi, Anivara Athanam, the annual Brahmotsavam and Vaikunta Ekadasi(on Tuesday only).

After the first bell the smaller idols and other articles including the Akhanda Dipams are shifted to the antechamber. The garbhagriha is then cleaned and a ground paste of Kumkum, camphor and sandalwood is applied on the walls and later its walls are wiped clean after a while with water. The water-proof covering is removed and laghu Tirumanjanam is given to the main deity and Bhoga Srinivasa. Food is then offered to the Lord during the second bell.

                            OTHER SEVAS


                    Pilgrims who take a vow to perform angapradakshana in the srivari temple are requested to obtain biometric token from the vijaya bank. It is issued from 8.p.m. onwards. Every day 750 biometric tokens are issued. Out of which 375 for male and 375 are for female. Those performing angapradakshana are requested to take bath in the swamy pushkarini and reporte at VQC-I at the time given for angapradakshana.


                 One of the most important vows taken to propitiate Lord Venkateswara is to perform “Thulabaram” i.e. donating various items such as coins, sugar, rice, jaggery, sugar candy, etc to the equivalent weight of the devotee.

                     Presently, the piligrims have to physically carry the item from their place or purchase at exorbitant rates from middle men at Tirumala. After procuring the item, they have to carry it all the way trough Q complex to the mahadwaram (main entrance). To overcome all these difficulties faced by devotees. TTD have permitted to maintain srivari thulabaram counter inside the temple. Indian bank is maintaining the counter from 8.00Am to 8.00 Pm and syndicate bank from 8.00 Pm to 8.00 Am to run a counter at mahadwaram of srivari temple.

                      Piigrims now need not carry these articles once he reaches the thulabaram counter at mahadwaram as per his time slot, there he can perform the thulabaram as per his wish such as coins, sugar, sugar candy. Jaggery and rice . the determined price equivalent to the weight of the item will be collected from the piligrim and receipt to this effect will be issued by Indian bank, at the counter.

                      Cost of coins per KG is as follows for 10 PS – RS 50;  20PS Kg – RS 93;  25 PS kg —RS 93 ;Rs 50 Ps Kg- RS 134 ;Rs 1 kg-Rs 200, Rs 2 kg- Rs 334, RS 5 kg- Rs 556(including bag). The cost of the other items sugar, sugar candy, jaggery ,rice etc will be descided on the basis local market.


                   The TTD has organized a purohitha sangam comprising purohits with necessary experience and learning to perform Vedic rituals The purohit sangam, at Tirumal offers services like earboring, upanayanam , marriage etc . the fees collected for the following services are fixed by the TTD.

It is located at the I choultry. For ear boring RS 15/- at purohit sangam and RS 20 at piligrim cottages are collected . For upanayanam at purohit sangam or piligrims cottage RS 120, For marriage RS 150 (for Brahmins and vysyas)  and Rs 125 for others. For annaprasana , namakarna, kesakandana and akshara byasam RS 30 each. For satyanarayana  vratam RS 50 . For shashti purthi RS 150 and (for Brahmins and vysyas) for others RS 125/-.

                    Piligrims desiring to perform any of these ceremonies have to get all the necessary articles for pooja etc themselves. How ever if they come 1 day in advance they may procure all the pooja articles with the help of purohits in purohit sangam . up to 80 marraiges can b eperformed at a time in purohit sangam. The marriage certificate is issued by the TTD s purohit sangam only. The purohits also perform the above services at the cottages also .


                      Marriages are performed in the cottages also. There are separate marriage cottages at Tirumala. Those desiring to perform marriages at Tirumala requested to take DD in the name of Executive Officer  , TTD , Tirupati and send it to the AEO(Reception I) ,

TTD, Tirumala.However it is suggested to visit personally to see the availability of marriage cottage details ATC- 99- RS 500 , TBC- 136,152A, 152 B , 71 A , 71 B – Rs 200; SMC 226 A , 226 B 237A , 237 B, 248 A, 248 B – RS 200; III choultry- 8 rooms RS 15 ,II choultry – 2 rooms – Rs 15. reservation will be made fro 1 day only. If the party does not turn up, the reservation will be cancelled and the reservation charges paid will neither be refunded nor adjacted for the subsequent period. The marriage cottages allotted from 3.00 pm to 3.00 pm on next day. For further details contact AEO(reception I) TTDS , Tirumala

Ph 0877 – 2277777 extn 3626

                   There are many private kalayana mandapams run  by private mutts, ashrams and choultries at Tirumala . the TTD has many kalayana mandapams at Tirupati on Tiruchanoor road . they are very spacious and have all amenities . for further details  contact EO (reception,TTD,Tirupati)

Ph -0877 2243303

                    The TTD has many 212 kalayana mandapams in the state and outside the state with all amenities.


Many piligrims take a vow to offer annaprasadams to Srivaru . Annaparasadams offered to srivaru are distributed to piligrims in the Q line. A part of the Annaprasadams in given to Grihasthas .

The cost of Prasadams are

Dadyodhanam  (1/4 sola) Rs 250

Pulihora  *(1/4 sola) Rs 275

POngal (1/4 sola) Rs  325

Chakkarapongal(1/4 sola) Rs 375

Sakarbath (1/4 sola ) Rs 400

And Sera (1/4 sola) Rs 675

Piligrims desiring to perform this seva  are requested to pay the amount oneday in advance at the Arjitham seva counter and obtain the receipt. A part of the annaprasdam will be  given to the piligrim at 12 Noon on all days and at 10.00 A.M on Fridays to the Grihasthas at mahadwaram on production of the receipt. Piligrim have make their own arrangements to carry the annaprasdams. Piligrims can also offer such food offerings at all local temples of TTD.



Laddu padi seva



Rs 2,500

5 persons allowed for darsahanam through cellar entry

15 big laddus are given as bahumanam


Rs 1500

3 persons allowed for darsahanam through cellar entry

8 big laddus are given as bahumanam


RS 1000

2 persons allowed for darsahanam through cellar entry

5 big laddus are given as bahumanam

                         Piligrims desiring to perform this seva has to go to Arjitham seva counter Opposite to VQC-I . There is no advance reservation for this seva. This seva tickets are sold to a limited extent only. It may be cancelled at any time without prior notice.


                  Under this scheme, free booklets containing Stotras  like suprbatham, Vishnu shastra namam, Govinda namavalli , Lakshmi Ahtotram Etc in different languages will be distributed among devotees at Q lines in  vaikuntam Q complex –I,II.

Note: This information is provided by TTD

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