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Here one can see different variety of plants at the entrance . Inside so many interesting science items like gravitational force , magnetic force ,different kinds of science law’s  are demonstrated to the visitors.

The original feast to our eyes is in visiting newly started ANIMAL CENTER , in which different kinds of animals with their sounds . The other one is PLANITORIUM .


  1. All age peoples can visit
  2. Entry pass is needed . ( Rs. 10 )

Timings : 9:00 am to 09:00 pm

Regional Science Centre
Near Alipiri Gate,
Alipiri-Chittoor Bypass
Fax: (0877) 2286202
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  Jungle book:

Tirupati: ‘Jungle Book’, the nature interpretation park developed by the Forest department at Kapila Theertham , helps to educate the public about different aspects of nature, the contents of forests, life processes and the whole eco-system. The city’s close proximity to the thick Tirumala forests has come as an advantage. It is  Rs.10 lakh park, manged by Tirupati Wildlife Management Circle.

The entire stretch is divided into eight zones. “Naturest” has a nature trail path with thatched huts that allows a visitor to sit back and enjoy.

The “Insectarium and Termitarium” zone has termite mounds and insect specimens along with information boards. “Rock Thrills” is for adventure lovers, where one can climb and walk through the panther dens, hare burrows and rock formations.

“Mineral Kingdom” showcases the geological formation of the Tirumala hills. “Malavadigundam”, the breath-taking waterfall is the fifth zone, which is also a habitat for the endangered lizard “golden gecko”.

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