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For complaints call TTD vigilance @ 18004254141,For Complaints, you can call  'Dail your EO' On First Friday of every month  @ 0877-2263621

Tirumala can be reached either by Bus, Private vehicles, Taxis etc


                The Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) runs a regular bus service between Tirupati and Tirumala, from 03:00 hrs to 24:00 hrs, with a frequency of just two minutes.

              On reaching Tirupati (to avoid waiting in queue for purchase of tickets to proceed to Tirumala), the system of link tickets (Rs.20/- for ordinary and Rs.24/- for Express) to Tirumala has been introduced.

           These tickets are available at all the advance reservation counters and with the service conductors of Tirupati bound services. Similarly, both up & down journey tickets ordinary Rs.36/-,   Express Rs.54/- can be purchased for onward and return journey from Tirupati to Tirumala. (These tickets are sold at all Bus stations and through conductors of Tirupati bound services). These tickets are valid for three days from the date of purchase and ticket-holders can board any of the APSRTC buses returning to Tirupati within these three days

At Tirupati there are four bus-stations located in different corners of the city.

Sri Padmavathi Bus Station (SPBS): SPBS is located at the rear of the Tirupati Railway Station, and caters mainly to the needs of pilgrims arriving in tourist buses.

Balaji Link Bus Station (BLBS): For the convenience of pilgrims arriving from Benguluru, BLBS is situated at Alipiri, at the foot of the hills. Here, there is ample space for parking tourist buses and vans.
Sapthagiri Link Bus Station (SLBS): SLBS serves pilgrims who arrive from Chennai, Hyderabad and Vijayawada sectors. SLBS is located in the Central Bus Station Complex.
Sri Venkateswara Bus Station (SVBS): Pilgrims arriving by train can use SVBS, which is located just opposite to the Tirupati Railway Station. Whenever trains arrive, buses are stationed right in front of the main gate of the railway station, for the convenience of pilgrims.



      For the convenience of pilgrims Tirupati Traffic police have started prepaid taxi service from Tirupati railway station to Tirumala and various pilgrim centers in chittoor dist. pilgrims can contact the prepaid taxi stand outside the railway station.

Contact: Traffic police station, Tirupati.

PH 0877 -2289011.

               Apart from traffic police taxi service there are many private jeeps that runs between Tirupati and Tirumala very frequently.  The Avg fare per Person is Rs 30/-.

  •  Pilgrims coming to Tirumala by Private transport like jeeps, cars etc are given some guidelines.
  • Vehicles having more than 12 seated capacity are not allowed to Tirumala. They have to park their vehicles at the parking place near Alipiri Bus station and Board RTC buses from Alipiri bus station.
  • The passenger’s luggage will be checked at the Alipiri checking point.
  • The checking staff will give the receipt which has to be shown at Alipiri toll gate
  • To make Tirupati pollution free TTD introduced new prepaid taxi counter. Pilgrims should use this counter to commute to Tirumala through private taxi.

Own Vehicles:
Cars(1+5)(including Gov vehicles) : Rs 15
Jeeps(1+8)(including sumo, tempo, trax, maruthi van etc): Rs 30
Lorries half body: Rs 50
Full body: Rs 100
Hired Vehicles:
Taxis(1+5)(including cars): Rs 25
Jeeps(1+8): Rs 50
Vans(1+12): Rs 60
and   Two wheelers: Rs 2

The toll gate rates have to be for every trip on the Ghat road.

                 Vehicles having more than 1+12 seated capacity  are not allowed to Tirumala. Ghat road is closed between 12 midnight to 3.00 am. Persons found carrying/consumption of prohibited items at Tirumala like meat food, tobacco, liquor and other intoxicants are liable to be prosecuted under section 114 of Act 30/87 Endowment ACT.
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